Projects - DDA Flats

Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd. DDA Approved is a paramount project of The Antriksh Group, serving residential necessities of every class of the society. Coming soon in Dwarka Phase 2, Delhi the project is registered under the Multistate Cooperative Societies Act 2002 with regd no: MSCS/CR/ 1082/ 2014.

Project Functions:

1. Purchasing land from farmers, owners of land parcels, parties having a clear title of land and other stake holders
2. Assemble and surrender land in the prescribed time frame as per regulations
3. Preparation of Layout as per the provision of Master Plan
4. Demarcating roads and verifying it’s plan from the concerned authorities
5. Keeping a track of its infrastructure (including water supply lines, power supply, rain water harvesting, STP. WTP etc)
6. Timely completion of development and its maintenance, till the area is handed over to the Municipal Corporation.