When it comes to buying a house, the first thing that comes into an individual’s mind is the location. Now the choice of the location depends upon person’s necessities. If an individual is planning to invest upon a property then there are certain things which are needed to keep in mind while spending a huge amount on such personal assets.
As mentioned above, the location is determined by the proximal services around your house. The accessibility to various services for your future home is considered as a priority. Schools, hospitals, metro stations, public conveyance, shopping complexes, local marketplaces, proper roads and other household services like gas stations, food hubs, retail stores etc. are considered as basic necessities that people look for while buying a property within a certain location.
In Delhi, the scenario has been changed so much since last few years. The trend of independent housing has almost faded. There have been many commercial and residential projects set up in the real estate markets, building the hub for group housing societies, providing an easy living for the public. Delhi Developmental Authority (DDA) has approved certain residential projects in Delhi including the south-west zone, Dwarka.
Dwarka is considered to be one of the fastest growing sub-cities around Delhi with well-planned residential structures and areas providing ample facilities like parks, restaurants and shopping complexes.
Diamond MMulti-StateCGHS Ltd. is a housing society developer offering exclusive housing society in the second phase of Dwarka, for the people of Delhi. They have transformed the clichés of buying beautiful homes in the NCR region. One can now buy a property in Delhi itself with lots of basic amenities and services near to your house. The project provides accessibility to various public services like 5 min distance from Dwarka Sector 21 Metro Station, 10 min distance from Indira Gandhi International Airport, 2 min distance from Diplomatic Enclave II and 2 min distance from New AIIMS 2.
Dwarka accumulates 20% of the commercial clusters and 80% residential clusters. Most of the housing in Dwarka is co-operative group housing including this project. The project targets upon middle class section of the society who like to live in modern amenities. Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd., therefore provides them with the affordable housing and near-by accessibility to public services.
Now you need not stress about how to reach the nearest metro conveniently or waste all your time in travelling to your office. You may also shed off the fear of living in a deserted neighborhood just because you wanted to get rid of other congested areas of Delhi.
Diamond Multi State CGHS Ltd. has made sure to provide their customers with all the basic needs and amenities within and outside the housing society. With lush green surroundings and eco-friendly management, Diamond wills to satisfy their customers in every aspect. So the next time you plan to buy a house, make sure you find the perfect location for your dream home.